Autumn, 2016

Dear visitor,

This December will be seven years since I first designed my website. Aside from uploading my illustrations and carvings periodically, there hasn't been much change. Over the next few months, there will be major design modifications and additions to my website. Because of the process, if something does not look right, doesn't function properly, or if you have a suggestion for improvements, please feel free to use the contact me link to reach out.
Thank you for the support over the years.



-Dr. Frank Scali

New Sections:

  • Blog for life-hacks, creative writing, medical talk, and suggestions for grad/med students
  • Published Images: never before seen art and dissections of mine clipped from articles/books
  • Discussion Forum: you ask questions relating to life, death, health, and art
  • Interactive curriculum vitae: downloadable manuscripts/posters/abstracts
  • Videos: time-lapsed video of my artwork
  • Review: I review in layman's terms food/books/health-products/medications based on peer-reviewed research and my medical opinion. It will be honest and easy to read so that you do not get bogged down by details that you don't care about 
  • Links: This connects you to other interesting artists/dissectors/doctors/writers or links to the equipment I use to produce the art, carvings, and dissections that you see.


  • Dissection photos: I have 600 gigs worth of images from 11 years of experience to share with you
  • New store: more organized and will offer prints or carvings of everything on my page 
  • Share: Ability to share anything on my website using your favorite social media platform  
  • Search: Saw something on my site and cant remember where? Search bar will handle it
  • Subscribe: If you have a favorite section, you can be notified when there are updates in that section via email